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Ryan Pendleton

Senior Portraits - Ryan Pendleton Photography.JPG

You've watched them grow...

You've fed, protected and cared for them their entire lives. Now, your senior is entering into one of life's most meaningful transitions as they leave childhood behind and become their own independent young adults. There's perhaps no better moment to celebrate through photography. The care, planning and quality of your child's senior pictures should reflect the importance of the occasion. 


Our senior portrait sessions begin with a consultation through which I can learn about your senior's interests, style and any preferences they (and you) might have in mind for their portraits. I don't want to just take photos of them. I want to create art with them. In addition to the style, we'll collaborate on the location, wardrobe, schedule and anything else we can dream up together. 

In order to offer my clients a variety of looks, my senior picture sessions are often broken up into two parts: a studio portion and an outdoor portion at a location that we can choose together during the consultation. The senior sessions are not timed, as we should be working together to create the best collection of images possible, not rushing through the session or ending it when some pre-set amount of time has passed. 

After the session is over and the images edited/retouched, you will be invited back into the studio for the reveal, during which you will be shown your senior's images for the first time and will select your favorites to take home and enjoy for generations.

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