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Ryan Pendleton

Outdoor Newborn Portrait.jpg

World, there's someone I want you to meet...

We photograph newborns in our studio, ensuring the baby remains safe, comfortable and as cute as can be. Since newborn babies' schedules are hard to predict, we do not time our sessions. It's a relaxed environment with as much time as the little ones need for feedings, diaper changes and the occasional emotional outburst. 

Each session begins with mom/dad choosing their favorites from a large selection of props, blankets, wraps and more so that the final images reflect their own tastes. Parents are also encouraged to bring any meaningful clothing, blankets, toys and more to the session that they would like captured with their newborn.

Parents can help behind the camera during the session with holding and posing, and get in front of the camera too, should they wish to be in any of the photos with their baby. 

Kendall PendletonJPG

The Baby Whisperer

I love babies. But my wife and photography partner, Kendall, really loves them. A lot. 

It was this passion for babies (especially newborns) that lead her to a career as a NICU nurse who has spent years caring for both healthy and sick bundles of joy.


If we have the opportunity to photograph your newborn, you can rest well knowing there is no one better suited to calm, wrap, pose and love your baby during his or her newborn photography session.  

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