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Ryan Pendleton

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It's happening. They're on their way into your life, and you can't wait to meet them; to hold them; to kiss those chubby little cheeks.

Whether it's your first child, or you've experienced the miracle of pregnancy before, it's a special time in your life that deserves to be celebrated through professional maternity pictures. 

The Session

Each maternity portrait session begins with a consultation, during which I can learn about you, your style preferences and any other ideas you might have for the photographs. I don't just want to take photos of you, I want to create art with you. 

In addition to these topics, we'll also discuss wardrobe, options for the location of your shoot, any loved ones who will be in the photos with you and the schedule.

Sessions can be held in the studio, at an outdoor location, or both. In terms of schedule planning, the point in the pregnancy when we take the photos is a decision you'll be able to make based on your personal preferences. Some mothers prefer to take the photographs when they are just starting to show, whereas others want to wait until they are further along in the pregnancy.


Whatever your preference, we'll ensure the session is fun, relaxed and that the photos accentuate the beautiful miracle happening inside you. 

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